Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Welcome everyone to where you can find my written works!

My name is Jeff A. Meints and this website is the hub to where you can find any and all of my written works.  

Below is a summary of what I have published so far and all of these published works can be found on Amazon. 

EVERS is a fictional four part series and this is the second book in the series titled, Grayson. 

The story continues with a deeper look into Evers past and how things currently came to be at Castle Eden. 

The pursuit of Grayson leads to many revelations with one very real possibility being the ending of all of creation. 

New bonds are formed amidst the new four and the push for honing their new abilities becomes a top priority. 

Many new characters are introduced while some characters might just be shown the door. 

New horizons are within view and many questions are mounting, all the while, high above, the stars continue to silently observe, blinking, vividly watching. 

Check out the remaining two books in the series which are titled Refuge and New Age, once they are published. Stay tuned!!

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My newest book is a fictional four part series called EVERS and this is the first book in the series titled, Castle Eden. 

The story begins with our four characters being escorted by the Custodian through the Halls of the Dead towards a castle in the sky called Castle Eden and a ruler who calls himself Evers. 

Many questions arise such as what awaits these four characters at Castle Eden, who is King Evers, what is the great threat and most importantly, what are the Halls of the Dead?  

Answer all these questions and more as you begin an adventure that holds the future of all humankind in the balance. 

All the while the stars silently watch, vividly blinking.

Check out the remaining three books in the series once they are published, which are titled Grayson, Refuge and New Age.


My Poems to Lindsey Stirling's Instrumental Songs

Lindsey Stirling is an incredibly talented violinist who has taken the world by storm. These are the poems that I have written that go along with many of her instrumental songs. This book is dedicated to Lindsey Stirling and I would like to say thank you Lindsey Stirling for inspiring me.


* The JAM Poetry Collection currently has four published titles. 

Childlike Ways (1991 - 1996)

Youthful Trips (1994 - 1999) in color and b/w

Enter Adulthood (1997 - 2001) in color and b/w

The Road Less Traveled (2000 - 2016) 


The Kindest in California - Confessions of a Medical Marijuana Delivery Driver

The very first book I published ranked #21 in March 2016 on Amazon in the category of Health, Mind and Body.  

This book detailed many of my experiences as a legally licensed southern Californian medical marijuana delivery driver and you will learn all about the diverse patients (A-Z) that are interacted with on a daily basis that require some degree of relief. You will also learn about the newest medical marijuana products on the market and the benefits those products have on patients. 

Finally, read a series of confessions that range from interactions with law enforcement and other confessions that will frighten, delight and inspire you.

Most people have no idea what goes on inside the home of a patient during a medical marijuana delivery and now you can experience it first-hand.

It is time we challenge what we know, confront the truth and pass it on.

MEism - A New Age Philosophical Mentality

A small easy to read cartoon flip book. 

This is a comical glance into this new age philosophical mentality that is daily seen and is daily practiced by every single person.

The only question that remains is, "What Me are you?"

Original artwork provided by the author.


Vote Industrial Hemp

If you are seeking out my scholarly articles about the estimated fifty thousand benefits and uses that the hemp plant can have on society then check out and educate yourself thoroughly on the the hemp plant.

Did you know that the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are not the same plant, but simply from the same family tree.  One is used for medicinal purposes and the other for industrial purposes.

Challenge what you know by confronting the truth, seeking out the facts and passing it on.

Please enjoy my written works and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I enjoyed "Confessions of a Medical Marijuana Delivery Driver" so much that I ordered your four new books. Can't wait to get them and read them. I like your style!

  2. Woot woot!! Thank you for your feedback and it makes me smile that you enjoyed it. :)